Friday, July 10, 2009

Reason #2 for making your own babyfood

A good friend gave me a subscription to Cookie magazine and I love reading it. Lots of cute / clever / modern ideas for kids and families. Further, a lot of blogs I read have recently been linking to items on their website, which is also great!

Last night I came across a great tip .... make peach puree for your baby, and then use some for yourself to make bellinis!

Just so happens that I have 6 organic peaches waiting in my fridge for the Gal ... do you think she'll mind if I borrow one?

YUM, mommy juice!

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The Allen's said...

I love that friend who subscribed me to Cookie... especially since I read the bellini tip... going to get peaches and prosseco today! (Is it OK that Charlie isn't on solids yet???)