Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The 1-year mark is quite the milestone, for both baby and parents. And, as if the first 12 months weren't full of enough change, a few more come on the radar screen about this time.

Breast milk or formula to Milk.

Weaning from boob or bottle to Cup.

Paci to No Paci. (Um, thanks, but no thanks. We'll be hanging on to this one a bit longer).

I have a plan for these changes (kind of) and will report back on my success, or lack there of, when we've made the transition.

For now, I'm focusing on the Bunnies to Bears transition.

Our Girly has been in the Bunnies room at school from March until now, and we are working on moving up to the Bears room. I thought it would be breezy since we were already familiar with the daycare process, BUT? Not so much.

This one took me a bit by surprise. I was excited for her to move rooms because she really liked being with the bigger kids and watching them play. I love the teachers in her current room, though, so it was a bit bittersweet. What I didn't anticipate, though, was the lack of control I would feel in the process.

Maybe we have been spoiled by her teachers, but we got a report card everyday with her naps, diapers, and meals. I always felt that I had a good handle on what happened during the day, and even if it wasn't what we would have done at home, I felt involved.

Now, in the interim, she starts her day with the Bunnies and ends her day with the Bears, so there is very little information about what happens during the day. I might pick her up with different clothes on, one full bottle leftover and someone else's sheets and no one can tell me exactly why. I understand that these are tiny issues in the grand scheme of things, but it is an adjustment.

Overall, I am still happy with our daycare and I think these are universal issues, not just at our place. Lord knows, 8 or 10 toddlers will mess a bit with organization. I finally let go of sending her to school with homemade breakfast and lunch because I just couldn't be the mom who sent her kid with lentils when everyone else got fish sticks. And, you know what? It makes our school prep much simpler.

I think this is a healthy transition, both for our Girl and for us. (Really, who am I kidding ... the Huz doesn't care. It's ME.) I don't want to be a "helicopter" parent. I trust the people who take care of her and she is happy when I pick her up. I want to know every little thing about her day, but the reality is that it isn't essential. I can't go back and fix the fact that she only slept 45 minutes, or didn't finish her bottle. We proceed with our evening routine just as we normally would.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Marie Hooker said...

Great attitude, Mom! I felt the same way and have let go of the worries about what happens at daycare. Some days that is easy, other days it is HARD.

The Allen's said...

I feel you. The baby room that Charlie was in gave me tons of info when I picked him up... on a sheet and verbally. Now we just get the sheet, but no "he did great today". It's a total adjustment. But your right.... at the end of the day he is happy as he can be and I can't go back and change anything that they didn't do that day.

Bets said...

This is good, because I think it will make you both better parents in the long run. You know that I can go on & on about "helicopter" parents ... and you've got lots of teacher friends that will be there to support you along the way (and tell you what's normal & what's not!).
I promise you this, if her teachers didn't care about the Girl & want to do what was best for her, they wouldn't be in that job! :)