Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R & R


Does any of that exist in parenting?

I will say that I had a little dose this weekend and it was heavenly. Heavenly.

Here is my prescription for you:

Make plans for a girlfriend get-away with your best buddies. Ours happened to be hours (by plane!) away from home, but I think you could do it in your very own neighborhood. Send your spouse and kid(s) away, have the girls over, break out the snacks and adult beverages and enjoy yourself! Sleep in! Don't make 6 meals a day unless they are for yourself! You can do it!

Here is my second prescription, and one that I need to follow myself:

Set up a regular date night with your spouse. Two of my girlfriends started to do this regularly on Sundays nights after their 2nd child was born. I wish we had date night more often, and I'm sure I'll really long for it if a second child ever comes to live in our house. You must make it a habit - put the kids down (or not), go to dinner and try hard to talk about things other than naps, daycare and bills.

It's good for everyone's soul.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

You absolutely need a date night. Doesn't even have to be weekly-monthly is good. I bet he has a certain aunt that would be all over it!