Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take a seat

Well, we're getting closer to potty time around here.

I'm totally not pushing it and - truth be told - I'm really not ready, even if Little Miss is (she isn't). Diapers are convenient. We can run errands without a care in the world. I like it.

I took a potty training class several months ago and have heard lots about the signs of readiness. I think Ells is starting to show some of them, but certainly isn't there yet. I'm aiming for summer when we will have fewer clothes to deal with! That being said, Ellen does get to sit on the potty when she asks, and often before bed or bath. We had two successes this week - pure coincidence I'm sure - but seems like we are on the potty train, for better or worse.

We have very little real estate in our bathrooms and I've heard people say that dealing with the little potty chair can be kind of gross. We have several friends who have used these 2-in-1 toilet seats, so I went ahead and invested this week.

This is the Bemis NextStep Toilet Seat that I found at Home Depot for about $30. The kid seat has a magnet, so it usually sticks to the lid unless you specifically pull it down. Seems to work well so far, and so nice not to navigate around the little bitty potty!

Any other tips while we're at it?

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Kansas Voices said...

Whatever you do ... please don't ask Aunt Suzanne to help you. Many people remember how she wanted the responsibility to teach you how to ride a two-wheeler.

Off came the training wheels. One loop around the cul-de-sac. And then, "Oops, look at the time. I have a plane to catch!"