Monday, May 16, 2011

Stay in your seat!

Another transition around here ... not a huge one, but still a change to our days.

We had still been using our Inglesina Fast Table Chair that I loved SO much for the majority of Ellen's meals. It was fast, simple, and best of all - it CONFINED her.

We have been having more family dinners - probably 3-4 times a week - and it has been challenging (at best) to have her stay in her seat to eat dinner. She has a little booster and we all sit at our dining room table. Initially, she would stay in her seat pretty well to eat, but then asked to get down to play. We have pretty much instilled the "stay at the table until everyone is finished eating" rule, but the "stay in your seat" part isn't working out so well. She asks to sit with me or Dad, which is a habit I don't like, but she also eats a better dinner if she is sitting with one of us. What to do?

So, we had a few parties and the high chair came down. I really wanted to put it back up, but she is certainly old enough to learn to sit in her chair and eat a meal. She does it at daycare with a table full of kids, so I know she can do it at home.

All of her meals are now served at her little table and chair set in the kitchen. She is not good at sitting still and eating her meal, and there are lots of ups and downs, but I think I am seeing some (slow) positive improvement.

Yet another one of those things that is challenging as a parent, yet good for your kid. Theme #1,467 of parenting, I suppose ...


Carrie said...

Eh, it will all come together. But what do I know-my kids are terrible in restaurants!

What happened to MacGyver? Something about tacos???

Bets said...

Guess how many times 4th graders are told to sit down when they're eating lunch! :)

ERICA said...

We're still trying to establish the "stay at the table to eat" rule around our house. It's gotten to the point where he eats for about 3 minutes and then he wants "DOWN." Refuses to eat any more. But as soon as he's down he comes screaming at us for "SOUP!" or "MEAT!" And throws a huge fit if we won't give it to him...

Any tips on how y'all got the "stay at the table" rule to stick???