Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ugh, slacking

Well, let's just really call it a summer hiatus.

All of a sudden I feel like I can't get anything accomplished? You, too? It doesn't help that my list of things to accomplish keeps getting longer, but I do love me some task-scratch-offing.

Here is one thing on the list: a Mom-friendly swimsuit

Got a good source for me?

I do have a cute one piece from J. Crew that I got before our Hawaii trip (almost 2 years ago - whaaa), but it really isn't toddler-chasing, swim-lesson-appropriate.

I think I need a 2 piece, as to avoid shimmying out of a wet one piece if I have to pee whilst wrangling a slippery child. The top piece, though, needs to be long enough to cover up the "mom" part.

I keep trying to get to Land's End to try on their suits (nothing says Mom like Land's End). I love the J Crew suits, but not sure that my budget can justify that.

Help a momma out!


Bets said...

I finally got smart & realized that I should buy a swimsuit the same place that I buy my bras. I know they'll fit and there is a wide variety.,121.htm
Fast shipping. Easy returns if you don't like it, but I bet you will. This site constantly has some sort of a sale going on and if you google for a coupon code, you may be able to find a discount for your purchase.

ERICA said...

Did you see that aintnomomjeans posted several blogs on swimsuits? Good luck finding a tankini - I'm pretty sure I've decided to go for the Miraclesuit Sonatina or the La Blanca Sweetheart...

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tip Betsy. Mine is on the way! I've also ordered one from Athleta. They have order by bra size as well. I

Marie Hooker said...

I had managed to aviod the pool altogether until this weekend. I say you go early in the day when you feel skinniest so the suit doesn't matter!