Thursday, August 30, 2012

It adds up

A co-worker mentioned this article to me yesterday and I thought it was worth sharing ...

Teaching Kids to Love Math - Wall Street Journal

I think I've alluded to a similar idea before as told to me by our Parents as Teachers educator - there is a correlation between the amount of block play (with related math concepts) a child has and their success in school / math. I think America / Western countries focus more on reading and music concepts in toddlers and less on math and science. I'm certainly guilty of the same.

Ellen has never been a child who loves to play with blocks or legos, so I don't push it. She really does love art and creative projects and reading, but I think I can still work harder at building math concepts into our days. She has started to do easy addition by counting her fingers, which I've tried to encourage. Last night at dinner I tried to incorporate some subtraction - 6 grapes, take away 1, now you have ....

Cooking is a good way to do this, too, and lord knows I've been making LOTS of treats lately. It's OK - it's Math!

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