Friday, April 3, 2009


Spring is right around the corner. (Right?)

It may not seem that composting has anything to do with parenting. But, really, a lot of parenting is about poop. And, composting is ultimately about poop. So, work with me here.

The Girl is growing so fast and I can't believe that solids are right around the corner. I dream of visiting the farmer's market and making all kinds of delicious things for her to eat. Our nephew eats like a champ and loves all varieties of fruits and vegetables - I hope to instill an equal love of food in our daughter.

A good friend gave us the "Cooking for Baby" cookbook and I can't wait to use it. I have also read great reviews online about the Beaba Babycook, but frankly, it is pretty expensive and I think I have all the tools in my kitchen already. I need to do a little more investigating, but it seems that a simple steamer basket and a food mill are about all you need. Freeze it in an ice cube tray and you're set. Also, if you need a little inspiration, check out Homemade Baby. In my former life, I thought an organic babyfood company would have been a great venture. And, really, what could be cuter than Squapples and Piwi?

Here is where I am branching out beyond my 17 weeks of experience .... I have it on good authority that feeding a baby is WASTEFUL. I already feel that we waste a lot of food with just the two of us and, with the addition of even more fresh food into the house, I am feeling a little guilty about the planet and all.

I investigated composters last Spring, but didn't see it as a necessary purchase in light of the gestating fetus. I am certainly no expert, but I do have some experience growing up in a composting household. I know that it takes, at a minimum, a collection jar in your kitchen and a container in your yard. For me, it must be EASY or it will not get done. I think a ceramic compost pail like this might work better than an old KU popcorn bucket (sorry, Mom). And, I know that I won't dig up and turn a stationary compost pile, so the Tumbleweed seems like the best option.

There is a lot more to it - green stuff, brown stuff - but, it seems like a nice thing to do for Mother Earth. You know, because Girly may be solely responsible for filling her landfills with diapers.


Bets said...

Maybe a good start would be to get Hubby to watch the freshness of the produce he buys. You can immediately get rid of wasting fresh produce that is already bad! ;)

distaff said...

If I had to do it over again, I would probably opt for the Tumbleweed too. A stationary compost pile gets wet and smelly if not turned constantly. Don't get me wrong, I used the composted product on my garden, but it was never a pleasure to deal with the gooey stuff I produced.