Thursday, April 23, 2009

Note to self

I always have to remind myself that crying at naptime and bedtime isn't a bad thing. Some babies NEED to cry as part of the soothing process.

The goal isn't to go to sleep quietly (although that is really nice). The goal is to go to sleep independently, whichever way works for your kiddo.

And, just to reinforce that crying has its purpose, we are back to sleeping through the night from bedtime to waketime. Only took three nights of not going into her room, each night better than the one before.

Except for last night when she cried out at 1:15am with a weird cry. I went to check on her and her head was pushed up against the bars of her crib.

I made an exception for that one.

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mary_marshall said...

Your blog is so helpful for me! I eagerly await your new posts. I'm expecting a little girl in August & your experiences have helped me understand a little more of what's to come. Thank you!