Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cutting your losses

R.I.P. cute green and white polka dot outfit.

We officially lost the first outfit today due to an explosion of massive proportions. I think that is pretty good at 6 months. We have a few white onesies with stains that I can see, but this was the first disaster.

I got the dirty clothes out of the plastic sack from daycare, lay them out on the sink to rinse, took a whif and thought, NOOOOO.

Also, I learned about the one drawback of the Medela Freestyle Pump today. If you forget it at home, it apparently doesn't work.


(Side note: I read a helpful hint about getting protein stains (formula / breastmilk) out of baby clothes - soak in Oxyclean and lay outside in the sunlight, especially for white clothes. Protein stains can apparently show up later - like after packing away baby clothes for the next baby. And, why do they even make white baby clothes?)


Bets said...

Oh no! The cute outfit that she wore when we were "twins"??? :( I guess it is JUST clothes and it's not that big of a deal ... could be worse!

Mariah said...

After you wash poop covered clothes you can lay them in the sun and the stains disappear. I am doing cloth diapers and washing them myself. You just do a cold rinse cycle with no soap and then a hot/heavy/high load with about 1/2 the normal detargent. Should work for really poopy clothes. I'm only dealing with a six week old though so I have a lot to learn. Love your blog! (I'm friends with Carrie which is how I found your blog.)