Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Target Practice

Savor the simplicity.

Let me say it again - savor.the.simplicity.

The Huz and I were just talking about how exciting it is to introduce new foods to our Gal and how much we want her to love food and cooking. It is an important part of our lives and I hope it will be an important part of hers.

That being said, feeding her is a pain in my ass.

That may not be politically correct, but it is the way I feel. Until she really gets the hang of it, it is an exercise in futility. I know I need to expose her to food textures and tastes - she needs practice just like with any other new skill. Let's just say, though, that this must be some karmic reminder from the universe for me to work on my patience.

Plus, I felt so great about our transition to 4 feedings and now we are back to 7 - nursing 4 times and eating some sort of solids in the high chair 3 times. This is how often she ate when she first came home from the hospital. See what I mean?

It seems you have to hit the perfect sweet spot for her to be receptive to food: not too hungry and not too full. So, for now, we usually attempt solids about an hour after she nurses. So, yes, it is like she is eating all day long.

I know this is a small speed bump and we'll be past this transition before I know it. Just sayin' though ... savor the simplicity.

(And regarding the title - I mean target practice as in trying to get to her mouth, not that I'm shooting a gun. It isn't that bad.)

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Marie Hooker said...

It does feel like you are constantly feeding them...I still feel like that at almost 13 months! And P has decided that he only wants to eat bananas, crackers, and cheerios. I (like you) am constantly trying to expose him to all different foods, textures, ect, and I think it is to no avail. sigh. Anyone have good tricks to get your kid to eat a variety of foods?