Monday, June 1, 2009

June Bargains!

Baby Cheapskate is a great website - I check it often to make sure I'm not missing out on great deals!

I had an AHA! moment while shopping at Marshall's this weekend - I can buy that cute dress in next summer's size! It is kind of a change in thinking - I rarely, if ever, buy seasonal clothes on sale for myself to save for the following year. (By the way - our Marshall's has darling Ralph Lauren kid's clothes that are very reasonable. Pink baby tennis dress, anyone?)

I am learning to stalk sales. Why pay full price for anything? Further, in this economy, I feel I am entitled to good deals if I am out shopping.

Here is what Baby Cheapskate has to say about June: get the hammer out for the piggy bank!

Here are some of the bargains I expect to see this June:

June Britax Sale was 22nd - 28th last year.

Yard sales continue, peaking in many areas when the temp hits about 80 degrees.

Last-minute Father's Day Deals. You've still got a few weeks! Expect some great in-store sales on all those typical "man gifts": ties, sports equipment, etc.

Clearance on outdoor and pool toys begins in earnest as retailers itch to make room for the back-to-school stuff. Look for 50% off and more, with the best deals showing up as we near July.

Clearance begins mid-month on summer clothing and sandals. This is a great time to stock up for next year.
• The Children's Place Monster Sale starts up somewhere around week 2.
• You'll find 30% to 50% off in Target's kids apparel department throughout the month, with the best bargains toward the end of June.
• Expect 50% off at Kohl's around the 20th of the month.
• Look for 50% off clearance apparel at Toys R Us during the last week of the month.
• Old Navy starts clearancing their summer clothes in week three, with deeper discounts during the last week of the month.
• Kmart summer apparel was 50% off during the last week of June in 2008.
• Sears' 50% off sale began during week four as well.
• Vincent Shoes and Gymboree start their clearance sales around the third week of the month. Savings of up to 75%.

Expect shoe markdowns at Amazon early this month--Stride Rite deals, anyone?

Amazon also held a summer toys savings event mid-month last year.

Look for fall apparel to arrive in stores after July 4. That means summer clearance in earnest with discounts above 50%.

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