Monday, August 2, 2010

'Special' dinner

We are facing our first food strike with the Girl and it isn't a ton of fun. I think there are a lot of issues at play - more (MORE) teeth, maybe a GI bug?, being 20 months old - so it's just a perfect storm.

On a happier note, I will pass along a food tradition that we will definitely be implementing in our house some day.

My mom is a great cook and we had homemade, delicious family dinners most nights of the week all during our childhood. (And, really, our teenhood and adulthood, too). I will say, though, that I often looked forward to the 'special dinner' that we had a few Sunday nights each month.

'Special dinner' at our house consisted of microwave popcorn, veggies and dip, cut-up fruit, cheese and crackers ... you get the idea. We prepped our plates and often sat in my parents' room and watched National Geographic or 60 Minutes or something of the sort. I thought it was great! And, now, as the primary cook at our house, I see the beauty in the simplicity!

I have a friend who makes nachos every now and then and camps out with her husband and daughter in front of the TV. It's a special treat and simple for the cook - what's not to love?

How about a picnic on a blanket on your living room floor?

Girly is a little ways away from this - can't quite trust her to stay seated and not throw food - but I sure do look forward to it.

What fun food traditions did you have growing up?


mary_marshall said...

One that stands out in my mind is when my mom was out of town or had to play tennis (aka, have a night to herself with her friends), my dad would make "special eggs". My brother & I loved it & thought it was the greatest thing in the world! It was just scrambled eggs with cheese (that's what made them special), but gosh they were good! I can appreciate the simplicity in breakfast for dinner - so easy!

Jules said...

We also grew up with a sit-down dinner every night growing up. About once a month we would have "crap dinner" - actually supposed to be "kraft dinner" but one of the brothers couldn't pronounce it and it forever became "crap dinner". This meal consists of macaroni & cheese, tuna fish salad and peas!