Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Seriously. In. Need. Of. Help.

Do any of you have kids who get car sick?

There will be more to come on our First Car Trip Ever, but let me give you a preview and say that Girly apparently gets car sick. Like mother, like daughter. Damn - I hate genetics.

We have been very lucky in the sickness department ... our girl has had her fair share of snotty noses, but we have managed to avoid the GI nastiness. She did have a weird vomiting illness about a month ago - threw up once each day for about 4 days out of 7 with no rhyme or reason - but that was the end of it.

On our way out of town last week, we picked her up at school, popped her in the car, and she promptly threw up all over the place about 15 minutes later. This didn't seem to be car sickness - we have driven farther lots of time without incident - but the dry heaving in Des Moines while watching the DVD player sure cleared things up.

Fast forward to today. I picked her up at daycare and took our normal 10 minute route home. At minute 9 we had vomit all over the backseat. Seriously???

She is still rear-facing in her car seat and I would like to leave her that way, if possible, since she has a ways to go before she meets the size restrictions. I agree that being rear-facing might make the motion sickness worse, but why would it start all of a sudden? She has been this way for 19 months.

She had a rash today when I got her out of the car to clean her up, so maybe she does have a bug, but she was sure acting fine.

I guess my question is this ... how do you know if it is car sickness or a bug? And, what do you do about it? The thought of cleaning puke out of a car seat several times a week is just maddening.


Icked Out in the Midwest


Nichole said...

Well the same thing happened to Abby. We determined it was car sickness because she never threw up anywhere but in the car. I too wanted to leave her backwards for much longer but at 13 months I was tired of washing the car seat out. We turned her around and she has not thrown up since!

Andrea said...

Crazy car seat lady would say anything is better than brain injury! Maybe give her something to hold that will really hold her attention so that her eyes don't wander. I feel like I may eat my words soon though. Ollie hates riding in the car and I have been wondering if he gets motion sick? T.B.D.

Marie Hooker said...

How close is she to meeting the turn around timeline? I'd vote for that. Or covering her and the car seat in rain gear every time you get in the car.