Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cleaning house

Here is my advice about cleaning toys:

Stop cleaning your toys.

The End.

I'm not really kidding. I cleaned Girly's toys a few times when she was just starting to really move around and mouth things, and it was a whole production with bleach water and air drying and the like. Then, I never really did it again.

If we have lots of kids over I might run a few things under hot water, or if she has been sick I might clean a few things, but in general - NOPE. She is in daycare for heaven's sake - there is no germ I can banish from my house. (We also haven't **crossing fingers** had the dreaded GI bug yet. That would require some sanitizing).

Our teethers are just frozen washcloths, so they all go in the wash anyway.

Save yourself some time and effort. Spend your free time doing something fun, like, oh I don't know, laundry?

In case you are an overachiever, here are some toy-cleaning tips from our friends at SafeMama.


Marie Hooker said...

Ditto- I never clean toys unless they are dropped in poo or puke. (not that either of those things happen here!)

ERICA said...

You're supposed to clean toys? Oops.

But really, the only time I've cleaned toys is when they're covered in grass or visible stains from where Dylan has smashed cherries and decided to paint with the juice.