Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bag it

How are you all managing your baby bag these days?

I never really got into the 'formal diaper bag' idea ... it didn't fit our lifestyle very well. We are kind of homebodies on our home days, or our girl already has everything she needs at daycare.

My approach thus far has been to have a 'baby station' in our living room, located in a large Lands End canvas bag. (I think I've previously mentioned my love affair with these things). We have diapers, wipes, a few spare outfits, burp cloths, plastic bags - you know, all that miscellaneous crap.
It also includes our Skip Hop Pronto changer, which I just LOVE and couldn't live without.

When we are headed out of the house, I just grab our medium Lands End bag (see - told you - obsessed) and transfer whatever we need - pronto changer, spare outfit, add a sippy cup or snacks and go. This bag also serves as the daycare bag, hence the frequent packing and unpacking.

This has worked pretty well for us, but now that Girly is older and more mobile, I am finding the need for a change. I have several friends who use backpacks for their baby/diapering needs, and I've finally stolen their idea.

I just ordered the Lands End diaper bag backpack upon the recommendation of a friend.
Truly, I don't have stock in this company, but I probably should. I just love to monogram things, you know.

I need to be more hands-free these days ... chasing Girly at the zoo, or farm, or just down the driveway, doesn't work with an open-topped bag in one of my hands. Or, I hang the tote bag on the stroller, chase her, and then watch the stroller fall over.

If a second child joins our family someday, I suppose this plan will need a revision - seems you need a lot more stuff for 2 kids, and not just twice the stuff - more like 10 times the stuff.

Also, are any of you organized enough to have a 'car kit' of sorts? Kind of an emergency stash for the things you forgot or didn't think you would need? I haven't been able to get my act together enough in 19 months to accomplish that, but maybe you have some tips ...


Leclercq Family said...

When my babies were little I had a car bag, our large diaper bag, and then individual land's end bags. We usaully just used the large diaper bag b/c we had SO much stuff to tote around. But used the land's end bags when we travelled and still do.

Now, for every day stuff we only use our land's end backpack. I quickly figured out that I needed both hands adn didn't have enough to carry a diaper bag. The backpack fits everything I need for the 3 and is also their daycare bag- holding all changes of clothes, all diapers (usually around 12), wipes, all the products- sunscreen, bugspray, diaper rash cream, etc., and their lunch and sippys. It's awesome. You will love it!

Jen said...

I have a bag that is constantly being toted around, and a bag I keep in the car (should I randomly forget the previous bag). My everyday bag is also from Lands End, but it's the Lighthouse Tote. My car bag is a reuseable shopping bag, stocked with diapers, wipes, disposable bibs, sippy, a few toys/books, and a container of puffs. I've turned to it more than once when I've made a quick run to the store and figured I wouldn't need the regular bag. Wrong! Diapers and wipes in the car are a must. Oh, and Wet Ones. I have travel packs of those stashed everywhere.