Thursday, July 15, 2010

While we're on the subject ...

Since we've already been talking food and feeding, just another glimpse at how things are working for us these days.

I love making meals in the summer. (Wait. Let me re-phrase. I find making 6 meals a day to be very tedious, but it is less tedious in the summer.) Fresh fruits are so varied and plentiful that there is always something healthy and easy to prepare waiting in the refrigerator. Our girl also usually likes pasta, and loves quesadillas (corn tortilla with refried beans and a little cheese), and an occasional half PB&J on wheat bread.

Veggies and protein, though, are more of a challenge for me. We are past the baby food stage and fully into finger and fork/spoon foods. Girly isn't quite up to the task of raw veggies, though, unless it is something soft like a cucumber (though she usually refuses those, along with tomatoes because she doesn't like the skin). I've mentioned before about blanching and freezing veggies, and this works very well for broccoli and cauliflower for us. Microwaved with a little cheese and she eats it all up.

I've also found that I am far more successful in providing balanced meals if I can pull something out of the freezer that is already prepped. If I devote an afternoon or an evening or two to cooking, then I can usually have meals for at least a month. I still find that NurtureBaby has some of the best recipes. I've made them over and over and have had great success, both in cooking and Girly's eating. The one-pot wonders are very toddler-friendly and freeze great. The Mexican Fiesta Stew is a staple around here, and I've also made the Creamy Chicken Florentine and the Pork Chops and Applesauce a few times. I've tried almost all of the recipes and they all are quite good! I just don't mash or puree anything anymore and simply freeze portions in muffin tins.

What are your tips for getting the veg and protein into your toddler?


mary_marshall said...

Mix it with banana. KIDDING...sort of. My girly loves bananas. I know you have mentioned NurtureBaby before, but I was probably sleep-deprived & it didn't register with me at the time. I love that website! I'm so excited to try some new recipes. I've been using my Cooking for Baby cookbook,, & for reference, but have been in kind of a rut lately with my creativity. My girly's at this weird stage where she isn't very interested in the spoon (or being spoon-fed), but isn't that great at feeding herself either. Throw in her ever-changing opinion about what she's eating & what the texture is, and meal time turns interesting. Maybe some new recipes will help. Thanks!

Marie Hooker said...

Oreos have tons of veg/protien, right? That's what we do.