Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll: Big-kid bed

Ok ... input, please!

What age did you move your kid to their big kid bed?

How many times did they fall out?

Bed rails or no?

And, for reals, did they stop sleeping forever after you moved them???


Andrea said...

Nate moved at 22 months.

Full size bed, never fell out.

Used bed rails for a few months.

He doesn't get out of bed until his "sheep wakes up." That's his clock. Thank you Molly for that one. When he started to come down early we would just take away morning cartoons and it never happened again.

The Allen's said...

Charlie moved at 26 mths, I think. Twin bed- has fallen out 4 times. Borrowing the Horsch's bedrails until we are certain that he will stay in bed. Actually sleeps better than he did in the crib... waits until the clock turns yellow. If he comes out early, we let him pee and put on underware then have him go back in until yellow.

Kathryn said...

Lauryn was 26 months when she got a toddler bed. Never fell out. She used to sleep in her own bed and never get out (that bad habit started when we moved at age 4).

Marie Hooker said...

I think P was around 2 when we moved him out due to trying to escape the crib. Toddler bed until today, and now moved to full bed. Fell out of toddler bed several times, even with the rail. I'm waiting to hear the 'thunk' tonight.
Some struggles with staying in bed at first, but it went away after lots of supernanny tricks. You already have the sleep rules, so use those!

Caroline said...

I'm with ya, Molly...transitioned at 28 months and she's still getting out of bed 2-3 times at night and waking up at 5:30 despite the cow clock. We have a Safety First gizmo (http://www.safety1st.com/usa/eng/Products/Home-Safety/Latches-Locks/Details/2424-48518-ProGrade-No-Drill-Top-of-Door-Lock) that keeps the door ajar just enough that she can see us but not get out. After getting out of bed we close the door, wait a few minutes and then repeat, "stay in bed and the door stays open" real robot like (blech!). after probably 6 weeks, we still have to shut the door...she's persistent this one. In the morning I've resorted to color wonder markers and an magna-doodle to allow her to do something until the cow gets up. Still not working 100% (we must not be as consistent as we need to be). Anyway...it's still a struggle but at least she isn't getting out of bed in the middle of the night which was happening at the beginning of the transition. hang in there! Maybe it's a McKnight thing! Miss you all --

mary_marshall said...

Harper is almost 26 months old & has never attempted to get out of her crib, therefore she is staying put for now. I've been letting her check out her friends' big girl beds & hoping she will start talking about wanting her own. She won't even lie down in our bed, so I'm definitely not moving her yet!