Monday, September 12, 2011

Rules of Dinner

Again, courtesy of our friends at Dinner: A Love Story - Rules of Dinner.

We aren't great with following any rules of dinner, but I like to read about how other families make it (successfully) happen. We do have family dinner most every night now, though, which was a slow but nice transition. Miss Ellen has her moments of being adventurous and trying (and liking!) new things, but certainly also turns her nose up at the "go-to" items. Grrrrr.

I look forward to the days of talking about the "highs and lows" ... the things that come out of that girl's mouth are already entertaining. Boy howdy, what the future must hold ...

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Kansas Voices said...

Don't forget the famous "Rules of Summer" ...

1. No bike riding on the stairs.
2. You can't play with the garden hose inside the house.
3. Breakfast service ends at 10am.
4. You only have to make your bed it you intend to sleep in it again.

You've had great training. Let's see a list of Dinner Rules.