Thursday, November 3, 2011

In the bag

Serious business today.

I need advice.

What kind of purse are you carrying these days??

I am finding myself in this strange period of not needing a diaper bag, yet needing both of my hands (and sometimes a 3rd hand) for child wrangling. I used the backpack with great success, and still do for long outings (zoo and such), but I just don't need it to run to Target.

I was gifted a very nice purse that I have used everyday for 2 years, yet it fell victim to the house renovations and has a big splotch of paint on the side. (Which pretty much just explains my life these days). The problem, though, is that it just goes over my shoulder like a normal purse, but doesn't stay on said shoulder when I am lunging for a child, or carrying 2 grocery bags and a child, or wrestling with a child in the freezer aisle.

I am definitely a 'purse' girl .. not in the sense that I care about labels or price (I'm cheap), but I carry a lot of things that seem necessary to me and I just can't swing the big wallet approach.

I was thinking a messenger / cross-body style? Or something with an option for messenger style? I don't want it to be too sporty looking. And, I need some kind of compartments inside - a huge tote bag is just a bottomless pit to lose things for me.

Suggestions? Tips? Pointers?

I'm all ears.


ERICA said...

Lemme know if you figure this out. Currently I'm still searching for a semi-stylish backpack-style diaper bag (that doesn't look like a diaper bag but still has enough pockets on the inside that I don't have to root around for a year.) Once I get past this phase it's gonna be the great purse-debate, though.

Andrea said...

I'm currently looking for a messenger style bag myself. It just seems like it will be easier. I currently pull my wallet and phone out of my purse and take it on my errand and then I'm down a hand when thing 1 or thing 2 decides to run off. And I have left them both (the wallet and phone) many places. I saw a cute one at Anthro recently that had both a shoulder and cross-over option. Let me know what you find and I'll just get that. Thanks!

Bets said...

I bought some version of this for my camera bag. I found that I REALLY liked carrying around a purse that is "hands free" and wish I could sort through some of my stuff to carry it full-time. Unfortunately, my new Hobo wallet barely fits in this, and that seems silly to get rid of it since it was a nice gift last year & I love it.
Look for Franco Sarto bags. Fairly inexpensive. Lots of pockets. Zippers on outside with more pockets. Cute fabrics inside. Fun colors!

The Hales said...

I got the hudson style diaper bag from nest diaper bags. It really doesn't look like a diaper bag at all. I've gotten tons of compliments and it has great inside/outside pockets PLUS the big messenger style strap.