Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It goes a long way

This isn't kid-related, so much as mommy-related.

I had a doctor's appointment last week and was fortunately able to pawn my child off on an unsuspecting grandparent. Ha! I had two people in the building comment on my hair looking cute. I don't say this to boast, but rather to share the conclusion I came to ...

It wasn't my hair. It was my lipstick.

My hair has looked the same for, oh, let's say 8 years. I don't think I had a particularly good hair day, though people do comment on my curly hair from time to time (you always want what you don't have. The hair is always greener??). I digress. The point is, I was actually wearing lipstick that day, and a kind of bright red color at that. I think people noticed!

I was inspired by this video (by previously mentioned favorite Jane Marie at The Hairpin):
The Guide to Bold Lipsticks (it's funny even if you don't want anything to do with lipstick).

I am a huge fan of chapstick. Not the Chapstick brand, per se, but really plain ol' Burts Bees is my absolute favorite. I wear it all the time. I've recently branched out to their tinted version - which I also really like - but even their darkest red tints don't show up that much on me.

So, I dug through some old random make-up and found a red color that I thought looked pretty good (based on the recommendations in the video: I was dressed to go out and already had a full face of make-up on). I have been wearing it here and there and always feel more put together, even if it is just running around town. So, my friends, my advice is that lipstick can make a mom, new or not-so-new, feel pretty good about herself.

Secondly, and in the same vein, I think a scarf does wonders for a new mom. Most outfits look much more put together with a scarf and it takes no time at all to put on. Yoga pants and a t-shirt? Momdrobe. Yoga pants and a t-shirt with a colorful scarf? Whoa! Look at that gal who clearly has her shit together. (Forget about the unwashed hair - they won't notice).

So ... lipstick and a scarf. They are good things.

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