Tuesday, November 3, 2015

She's Free!

My sweetest Georgie girl -
A couple days late with your birthday note, which I fear is how most things end up for you. Not enough time / not enough energy / too many other things going on. In the face of all of this, though, you are thriving. You are funny and charming and determined (OH SO DETERMINED) and changing every single day. It's a joy to watch you grow into your own person and I am proud of myself for recognizing and appreciating the feisty little girl behavior - you are our last, so we relish the fun (and frustration).

People, friends and strangers, often comment to us about what a beautiful little girl you are. Your Dad and I agree, of course, that you and Ellen are pretty much the cutest and sweetest girls of all time. I do hope these folks, though, look past your striking sun-kissed blonde hair and your round blue eyes, to see your sweet smile, your ornery smirk, and the lightbulb in your head that I see all the time when you figure new things out!

You continue to follow my temperment, as much as Ellen follows Dad's - head strong, organized, liking things 'just so', a night owl - but I am starting to see more and more glimpses of Ellen in you, which delights and terrifies me. Just the other day I heard you singing in another room and it sounded just like Ellen at your age - I loved it.

Your most favorite song of the moment is the Star Spangled Banner, thanks to Ellen singing it on repeat, trying to get the words just right during the World Series (Go Royals!). You idolize your sister and the two of you can be the best of friends, in a heart-melting way, and you can bicker like crazy, which makes us all crazy. Having a sister is one of the best gifts in the world and I try to remind you both of this all the time.

Your speech is not as advanced as Ellen's at this age, so I do a lot of interpreting for you, but I love the way you say things just the same. And I see the wheels in your head turning. In fact, just the other day we played a rousing round of "Animal Guessing Game" in the car and you guessed hippo, very appropriately, when Ellen couldn't figure it out. You were so proud of yourself!

You are a sensitive little soul and very much dislike the word "NO" or anything that resembles discipline. You feel justified in outright ignoring my requests, very content to do your own thing on your own timeline. If you do get in trouble, I can pretty much count backwards from 5 and am guaranteed that your will have a red face, the saddest little pout you've ever seen, and tears streaming down your face. It's so cute that it's hard to stay mad at you. Again, clever.

You are a cuddly, loving child - much more than I remember Ellen being. You frequently ask for a "huggy" or to be carried ("uppy") and I most always comply. Just the other day I was telling someone that I often treat Ellen as my peer and you as my baby, which clearly will be a problem in the not-too-distant-future!

I delight in our "Mommy-Georgie" days and feel so lucky to have the time with you, even if it's not all footloose and fancy free. I love to see the pride in your face as your learn new skills. I am proud of your independent streak and hope it serves you well. Dad, Ellen and I all giggle about the funny things you do and I feel certain that our family wouldn't be complete without you.

Love you so much, sweet girl.
Happy 3rd Birthday!



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