Wednesday, December 2, 2015


My sweetest Ellen -

Seven? Really? I find this almost impossible to believe. Seven is the age of a real, true child. Not a baby. Not a toddler. Not even a novice in elementary school. A real KID. Tonight you filled out your birthday survey on your own for the first time (My favorite color ... my favorite food .... etc). When I suggested that you do it yourself, you paused and flashed the biggest smile at me, clearly proud of yourself. And you should be! I also remarked that you were able to read every "favorite" on the list, when I know you couldn't last year, and you even wrote all of the answers yourself with very little help. You've come so far and we are so proud of your hard work.

You are a super funny and super challenging child, sometimes at the exact same moment, which makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and tear my hair out. While cracking a smile that I can't contain. It's tough.

Your friend's parent commented to me the other day that being with you is almost like being with a peer at times. You do have this wise air about you, and a really mature sense of humor with excellent timing, and a big vocabulary to boot. Your Dad and I love spending time with you and comment to each other on the side how funny you are. Like, just today, you texted Dad from Papa's phone: "I'm just helping Steve. What are you up to?" Oh. My.

With this maturity comes a lot emotions that seem too big for your body. You FEEL a lot of things. I'm an emotional person, too, and I see a future of us stubbornly pushing back at each other. I do my very best to calmly explain the WHY behind the anger and want you to learn how to process all of this, too. And to know that you can always be angry with me and dad and that we will always love you, no matter what.

For your bedtime book last night, you picked all your monthly baby books off your shelf and we looked at all the pictures again. At the end of it, with your first birthday pictures, you said - "Oh, you really loved me then." Yes, I said, of course. And I love you even more now. "Because you know me better?"


Thank you, sweet girl, for making us parents and continuing to let us practice with you. I think the first seven years have gone remarkably well. Can't wait for the next 7 and the 7 after that and after that ...

Love you!


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