Thursday, May 27, 2010


I thought it might be worth noting that I found the ultimate solution to a stinky diaper pail.

Get rid of the diaper pail.

Granted, we didn't have any super-duper genie model, but we had a harder and harder time controlling the odor.

We let the pail air out for a few days and just took every wet/dirty diaper from upstairs straight downstairs to the trash. It wasn't much of a hassle and we just kept it up. It has done wonders for my nose.

On a related note, Girly learned to say "poop" this week. It's kind of cute.

I think that means she is ready for potty training.


Oh .. it isn't?


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Carrie said...

Ours didn't last nearly that long. With Jack we just took them to the trash-with more than one you would be surprised how hard it is to get to the trash sometimes and we use those disposable bags (they have green ones) and it can stay in there odor free for a day or two....or until you can finally get to the trash.