Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walking all over me

With a change of seasons comes a change of foot wear.

Girly has tiny, tiny feet. Her tennies that she has been wearing all winter are 9-12 month size (she is 17 months) and are still a little big. I have loved the See Kai Run shoes and have been lucky to find them on sale at She wears the soft-soled shoes without protest and has literally worn out three pairs. (**big sale now through Monday, 5/24, online at See Kai Run**).

(By the way, I have had great success with for all kinds of items and their customer service has been excellent).

I was hoping we could get to spring before buying another pair of tennis shoes, but we are getting desperate for outside footwear and something that doesn't look dorky with spring clothes. (Yes, it's important).

I found one pair of sandals for her at Target, but they aren't very sturdy and they stink to high heaven when she plays outside.

I had read lots of good things about Salt-Water Sandals for both girls and boys. They are traditional looking sandals and come in tons of colors and seem very durable. I wasn't sure if they made them small enough for Girly, but they do have toddler sizes. In the Kansas City area, I found them at The Little House and they are about $10 cheaper than through Zappos.

I got her a pair and they are super cute. I first got her the size 4, but they run long so I had to go back and get a size 3 (the smallest they make). Really?

I also have friends who swear by Keens for kids. I got a knock-off pair at Kohl's, but they are a size 5, so she can probably wear those in high school.

Also, for when tennies are necessary, I had a friend hunt down toddler footie socks at Walmart. You know, again, for when style is critical.

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