Monday, January 10, 2011

My lips are chappy

The poor little girl has terrible chapped lips all the time now, despite the fact that she loves (LOVES) to play with chapstick. (It mostly goes on her chin, neck and belly).

"Mama, my lips are chappy." "I need da cha-stick".

We have a humidifier in her room at night, which seems to do nothing. She tends to wipe off Aquaphor or something of the like if I put it on her lips before bed. I read somewhere that using Lanolin works well - very sticky and safe, so we started trying that. And, I'm certain you all have a huge tube of that stuff leftover somewhere from when you were nursing.

She also has that typical kid chapped red skin around her mouth. What is that all about? All I can figure is that she drools in her sleep and it gets irritated? So strange.

How are you tackling these things?


Marie Hooker said...

Do you use a warm mist humidifier? We have one cool and one warm- I use the cool one in summer (rarely) and warm on in winter almost every night. Warm one seems to work MUCH better and we have no chappy face!

Carrie said...

Vitamin E oil all across his lips and face...ours hate it though so we do it while they are sleeping.

Liz said...

Red chappy stuff around the lips? Emma's comes from licking her lips (Josh Lerner style) while playing/crafting/drawing ... then wiping her mouth with her forearm a zillion times a day. Aquaphor is known as "cheeks" at our house...cuz Evan gets coated everynight on his cheeks and lips. Emma, too. Seems to do the trick for us. Lanolin tastes TERRIBLE (but I use it on my lips & hands). Good luck! PS Do you have a humidifier on your furnace? I don't run mine room sized humidifier in the kids' rooms & seem to be able to control the chappies with aquaphor