Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow day?

How do you spend your time with your toddler on unexpected snow days? Yesterday marked the first of 5 days of togetherness and I know I will need to be pulling out the reinforcements by the time Monday rolls around.

(On a related note, to you full time stay-at-home mothers, BLESS YOU.)

I admit that I succumb to the demand of "More Livia, Mommy. More pirate. More garden. NOW!" When you can't leave the house and can't go outside, TV=sanity preserver.

My sister-in-law let me know about a website for crafty ideas the other day that is probably worth a look: Tools for Motherhood.

I think I've posted some of these before, but here are some websites for crafty inspiration:
The Artful Parent
Make and Takes
Made by Joel

Valentine's day is coming up ... maybe you can get a head start on gifts for the grandparents? (Let me know if you do, because I usually get around to that the day before).

In case you were wondering, Ells did spend a significant portion of her day imaginary painting every surface in our house with the silicone basting brush. You could try that, too. :)


Marie Hooker said...

I wish we were neighbors, because our kids could entertain each other on snow days! We do our share of TV- I'm not going to lie. Some coloring, reading books, play room time (yesterday I let him play up there by himself for about 30 minutes and he did it---YAY!!!) Playing in the snow can be fun, but not worth the mess/trouble if it is soooo cold out!

Bets said...

If you're still bored on Monday, you can come visit Aunt Betsy for lunch :)