Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bath time

The Girl loves her bathtime! It was certainly stressful at first - those wet babies are slippery! - but it is fun now.

Our first several baths were sponge baths next to the kitchen sink. The Girl did not appreciate those, although it got slightly better when I learned to leave the water running - she liked the noise.

After we moved to the baby tub, it was great! We still use a baby tub in our kitchen sink because we don't really have any counter space in our bathrooms and I am trying to save my knees and back as long as possible before transitioning to the real bathtub.

We use this tub and it has worked very well.

I love the Aveeno babywash (smells so good!) and lavendar lotion. We use Cetaphil for faces and Aquaphor for crackly hands and feet.

Several friends gave us big fluffy hooded towels for the Girl - work much better than the thin baby ones. I do like baby washcloths, though - gentle for faces.

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