Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feathering your Nest

Planning the nursery is tons of fun and the first thing I started dreaming about. I'm sure all first time parents want it to be just perfect, but there are a few things I've learned and would have done differently.

Be sure you have a clock in the room where you will be breastfeeding. I nursed the Girl in her room at night and needed to time her feedings. Our first night home I was struggling to check the time on my cell phone while I handled her - stupid.

Have some type of soft light in the room where you will feed at night. A little nightlight wouldn't have been enough for me to see to change a diaper and feed, but I didn't want to turn on the overhead light.

We also went out to get a cool mist humidifier soon after coming home for a little white noise in her room.

I have been happy with our glider, but I could have also considered just a comfy chair. We didn't rock much - more bouncing and patting that could have been done in any chair. Also, we got the smallest glider we could find due to the small size of our nursery. It is a little hard to fit the Boppy and the baby in the chair to feed - should have tried it out first.

Bumpers are so cute! But also, so NOT necessary. Our Girl is a wiggly one and we took the bumpers out after 1 week. Sad, but safe. This was after HOURS of deliberating over the perfect fabric to have them custom made. Again, stupid.

Also, on the topic of bedding, it is challenging to put sheets on baby mattresses! We do, however, layer a big waterproof pad, then a sheet, then another pad and another sheet. It helps with middle of the night sheet changes if you only have to strip sheets and not re-make the bed.

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