Thursday, March 12, 2009


I confess - I am a diaper snob.

Those Pampers people know what they are doing when they stock hospitals with little newborn diapers.

You will go through diapers like crazy! I like Pampers best for the Girl and Huggies wipes. I tried to scour coupons and deals to find the best price and it turns out that Sams Club has huge boxes of diapers and wipes for a great price - better or equal to the best deal you would ever get (with coupons) at Target or the grocery store. Much less hassle for me. My time is much more valuable now.

Also, the Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers (Newborn) have a little line on them that turns blue when baby is wet. It is surprisingly hard to tell if newborn diapers are wet.

For those of you who like the challenge, Baby Cheapskate has all kinds of tips and tricks about buying diapers.

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Carrie said...

In the beginning you should be a diaper snob. For both we would only use the pampers. Revisit other as you get into bigger sizes-it doesn't really matter after a certain point. I think around size 2 or 3.