Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parenting - It's Hairy!

Along with all the water you retain during pregnancy, you also retain all of your hair. Probably one of the nicer side effects of pregnancy is that you have thick, shiny hair that grows really fast.

What is less predictable, however, is how your hair will react to all of the post-partum changes. If you have hair of the curly variety, like mine, you may find coarse, black, corkscrew curly hairs sticking out all over your head. Or hairs that are black at the root and white at the tip. Or hairs that are tiger striped. (What?)

Then, your hair starts to all fall out at about 12 weeks after delivery. And, I mean ALL fall out.

I also have my suspicions that your body goes into shut down mode when you have a c-section and hair stops growing, then re-starts, resulting in 1 inch hairs sticking out all over your head. I have also been told that this happens when you stop breastfeeding.



Marie Hooker said...

I most definitely have the silly hairs sprouting up everywhere, but mine has stopped falling out. (That took about 9 months!) I recommend little headbands to hold them down.

Carrie said...

It's the worst. I have all this product and it doesn't do squat. It looks kind of like rays of sunshine sprouting out of the sun-except it's your face.