Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gear: Inital Thoughts

After the first week of living with the Girl, here were some of my thoughts on baby gear:

Changing Pad:
This is the changing pad we got and I have been very happy with it. It doesn't require a pad or cover which is KEY because I find that it gets poop all over it on a regular basis. I can just wipe it out with a wipe and be done with it. Otherwise, I would be washing changing pad covers a few times a day.

Pack and Play:
It was a very lovely gift and has proved so useful. We primarily use it as a changing table downstairs, for now, but it will be great to contain the Girl as she gets more mobile.

Carseat accessories:
I registered for a little fleece "snuzzler" and a cover for the car seat (December baby). Ultimately, though, our car seat came with both of these accessories. Check out what comes with your carseat before you pick any of these things.

This is the single most useful item so far. It is great for breastfeeding (although a bit akward with a small baby), and the Girl naps in it propped on the couch.

We borrowed a swing and it has been a HIT! Some kids apparently don't like them, but it is like crack for our Girl. She doesn't, however, want anything to do with the vibrating chair.

I found a lot of helpful tips in The Happiest Baby on the Block, and Swaddling was one of them. My friend Carrie gave us some great swaddling blankets, and I also like the Swaddle Designs blankets. At night, I'm still not confidant enough in my swaddling skills, so we use the SwaddleMe wraps to make sure there aren't any loose blankets by the Girl's face.

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