Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Breastfeeding: Clothes for Mom

I know, I know ... it's a breastfeedingpalooza around here ...

As any pregnant mom knows, her shirts get smaller and smaller as the bump gets bigger and bigger. And, it isn't only the belly that grows ...

There are only so many times one wants to buy "the next size bigger, please" -

I thought I was being very clever in buying nursing bras for my 3rd trimester. Multitasking! Turns out, not so clever. There just isn't a good way to predict what size bra you will need. Good nursing bras are expensive - don't waste your money on the wrong size.

I have worn nursing tank tops almost exclusively since having the Girl. Easy access and comfortable. My favorites are from Target. I had an expensive Medela one that shrunk a ton. I hated the ones from The Gap - only a tank top, no bra inside.

I really like these nursing PJ tops from The Gap. Get dark colors - leaks show less.

For "real" clothes, I find that cardigans with a nursing tank under, or wrap-style tops work best. Actual "nursing tops" aren't usually all that attractive and I kind of put them in the maternity clothes category - something that serves only one purpose and probably isn't worth the money.

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